Armadillo class cruiser


Armored cruiser


Attempted dreadnought, armored cruiser


maybe 100m, not really known




Four to six small boilers

Primary Armament:

Ten 200mm guns in five turrets

Secondary Armament:

127mm guns, other stuff not remembered

Tertiary Armament:

Various 47mm guns



The Armadillo class cruiser was CRG Kevin1's first self designed ship in BSC. No photographs exist of her, and most information is from memory or conjecture.


The Armadillo was designed to serve as CRG Kevin's first dreadnought. Sadly a mistake was made in assuming the caliber of the guns on My First Battleship were 12inches by imperial units. Thus it was decided to build a dreadnought with these guns, modeled after a WWI vintage British dreadnought. Due to the early stages of the game CRG was in, and not knowing the Mikasa code yet, grinding resources took a very long time. Indeed the armadillo had no lightweight armor, poor speed, and only three turrets when first built, and it was considered a major achievement when duel level three was finally beaten.

Mistakes realized

After noting the poor performance of the Armadillo, CRG finally ran the metric conversions, and much to his horror, discovered that he had made a "dreadnought" with 8in guns. He would later note in hindsight that his mistake was reminiscent of the German navy's thinking the HMS Invincible had 8in guns, and built SMS Blucher to "counter" it.


Eventually CRG made a true dreadnought, the 305mm (old) gun armed Thunderer (named for the deeper sound effect of all guns 305mm and up make) but kept the Armadillo as an extra ship for a while. The armadillo was an important learning point for CRG Kevin's BSC career, though he's glad no pictures exist of this first ship. Her name was also honored in the so called Armadillo Upgrades, a series of upgrades improving ships' armor.