• Tankswinger


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  • CommunistPotato1945

    Happy birthday, BSCN!! Happy birthday to you!!!

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  • Marcboy99

    Admin Meeting

    December 6, 2015 by Marcboy99

    The Admin Meeting(and anyone who is invited) will be held in 2 Hours. This is up to change, however and may be held tomorrow at 12 CST.

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  • Void Samukai

    Favourite ship RP

    November 28, 2014 by Void Samukai

    We have a blog where you tell your favourite RP character, now let us tell about our favourite ship in RP, whether it is of looks, a cool name or just something you always liked looking at and not getting blind.

    The rule is that it cannot be your own ship. Nor can it be of the same class, so that if CRG Kevin wanted to choose Iron Fist class, he can't go to Zumwalt for an Iron Fist class. The other rule is that it must be in BSCN, BSC or RP. No real life ships okay?

    Otherwise, have fun!

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  • Captain rudder guy Kevin1

    So I've been thinking, and I've come up with the idea that we need to add records of our RP battles here. It doesn't have to be a blow by blow copy of the RP posts, just an account of the general movements of the fleet. What are your thoughts?

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  • USS Enterprise CVN-65

    We all enjoy the Roleplaying characters we create... why not choose which one is your favorite? Surely you would say one of your own, but why not look at other people's Rp characters?

    Here's a small thing to do, decide whats your favorite Rp character besides your own!


    It can't be your own Rp character

    Only one favorite Rp character

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