Paris-class Heavy Frigate


Heavy Frigate


Ship-to-ship combat, ground support


No information


No information


Two Continental Fusion Drives

Warp Engine:

Slipspace Drive

Navigation Systems:

Navigation Computer/AI


Titanium-A Battle Plating

Primary Armament:

MK-1 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, 192 Archer Missiles in eight pods

Secondary Armament:

12.7cm point defense guns, AA rail guns

The Paris-class Heavy Frigate is a light warship that currently serves in the AIF, and the UAC. Although originating from the AIF, the Paris-class Frigate's reputation mainly comes from it's service in the UAC, being a small, fast, and yet powerful warship being able to be produced in large numbers.


The Paris-class frigate was first made during the Earth-Prometheus war and was first created by Preston J. Cole as a small vessel being able to be produced in massive numbers to counter the Prometheus fleet. Though only a small number served during the battle, it proved itself worthy, with a fleet of 20 Halcyons and Paris-class frigates, along with the AIF Lovecraft, held back a Prometheus fleet until Delusion could come in to force their retreat to Europa.

Known Ships


Ship Hull Number Homeport Notes
Paris FFG-01 Lead ship in the class
Cascadia FFG-02
Commonwealth FFG-03
Gettysburg FFG-04
Saratoga FFG-05
Fort Worth FFG-100
Neviston FFG-123
New York FFG-200
Grafton FFG-318
Redwood FFG-343
Arabia FFG-350
Savannah FFG-371
Salt Lake City FFG-400 Last ship in the class
Mother of Invention FFG-646 Naval Station New Carthage The original final ship in the class, later became part of the Mother of Invention-class