USS Illinois (SSN-786), a Block III unit.

Country of Origin

United States of America





115 meters


10 meters


S9G Nuclear Reactor


Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine


Escort, open-ocean and littoral missions, reconnaissance


  • General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut
  • Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Newport News, Virginia
  • Marinette Marine, Marinette, Wisconsin

Ships in Class

48 (7 block variants)

[Majority of information from Wikipedia]

The Virginia-class, also known as the SSN-774 class, is a class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines in service with the United States Navy. These ships were originally planned to replace the older of the Los Angeles-class submarines, but instead replaced both the Seawolf-class attack submarines and Ohio-class ballistic and guided missile submarines.



Ships in the Class

Note: IRL, some ships are unnamed but for the sake of RP, they have fictional names.

Block I

Ship Hull Number Homeport
Virginia SSN-774 Groton, Connecticut
Texas SSN-775 New Louisville, Mars
Hawaii SSN-776 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
North Carolina SSN-777 Armonia, Chorus

Block II

Ship Hull Number Homeport
New Hampshire SSN-778 Groton, Connecticut
New Mexico SSN-779 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Missouri SSN-780 Seattle, Washington
California SSN-781 Armonia, Chorus
Mississippi SSN-782 New Louisville, Mars
Minnesota SSN-783 Mayport, Florida

Block III

Ship Hull Number Homeport
North Dakota SSN-784 Armonia, Chorus
John Warner SSN-785 New Manitowoc, Mars
Illinois SSN-786 Seattle, Washington
Washington SSN-787 Mayport, Florida
Colorado SSN-788 Groton, Connecticut
Indiana SSN-789 Guam
South Dakota SSN-790 New Louisville, Mars
Delaware SSN-791 New Manitowoc, Mars

Block IV

Ship Hull Number Homeport
Vermont SSN-792 Groton, Connecticut
Oregon SSN-793 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Montana SSN-794 Seattle, Washington
Hyman G. Rickover SSN-795 Mayport, Florida
New Jersey SSN-796 Mayport, Florida
Iowa SSN-797 Seattle, Washington
Massachusetts SSN-798 New Manitowoc, Mars
Idaho SSN-799 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Arkansas SSN-800 New Louisville, Mars
Utah SSN-801 Armonia, Chorus

Block V

Ship Hull Number Homeport
Kansas SSN-802 New Louisville, Mars
Maine SSN-803 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Arizona SSN-804 Seattle, Washington
South Carolina SSN-805 Mayport, Florida
Arkansas SSN-806 Armonia, Chorus
Connecticut SSN-807 Groton, Connecticut
Nebraska SSN-808 Seattle, Washington
New York SSN-809 New Manitowoc, Mars
American Samoa SSN-810 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Puerto Rico SSN-811 Mayport, Florida

Block VI

Ship Hull Number Homeport
Guam SSN-812 Groton, Connecticut
North Mariana Island SSN-813 New Manitowoc, Mars
Midway SSN-814 New Manitowoc, Mars
Wisconsin SSN-815 Seattle, Washington
Michigan SSN-816 New Louisville, Mars

Block VII

Ship Hull Number Homeport
Bowfin SSN-817 New Louisville, Mars
Superior SSN-818 Armonia, Chorus
Alabama SSN-819 New Louisville, Mars
Rhode Island SSN-820 New Manitowoc, Mars
Ohio SSN-821 Groton, Connecticut


War Battles Ships Involved Ships Sunk Ships Damaged
Western War Liberation of Carolina, France, Russia 16 0 0
World War III New York, Seattle, Houston, Baltimore, Boston 17 0 10
Earth-Prometheus War Armadia, AIF Breakout 20 0 4
Insurrectionist War Chicago, Aleutian Islands 13 0 3
World War V San Diego, Coastal Texas, Neviston, Aubrey Base, New Zealand, Australia 35 0 16
Human-Sith War Honolulu 7 0 0


  • The Minnesota was the first of the Virginia-class to be posted, and was built by Marcboy99. Harmonmj13 then decided to build the rest of the class.
  • The original in-game designed in Harmon's game was deemed "too ugly", so he modified a Uboat hull for the Virginia.
    • The original design couldn't submerge as well.
  • On March 21, 2015, Harmon named SSN-799 as the USS Idaho, and five months later on August 23, the real-life U.S. Navy named SSN-799 as the Idaho. What a weird coincidence......
  • Harmon changed the names of several units to match the names of their real life counterparts.
  • There are ships that have the same names as Ohio-class submarines, which in RP, were scrapped after World War III in order to allow construction of more Virginias to continue.
  • IRL, none of the units in the class were built by Marinette Marine.
  • No Virginias have ever been lost in combat, giving the class the nickname "The Unsinkable 48."

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