Wickersfield Naval Yards is a large naval yard on one of the archipelagos of the ANF used to make wicker. Hence it's name. It's a very well fortified site, with permanent trenches and large concrete walls surrounding the actual naval yards.


The Wickersfield Naval Yards, at first, is not a naval yard. It's more like a base that has elements of the Navy, Army, and Air Force, with a naval yard at the center. It also has permanent concrete trenches as well as guns facing towards and away from the sea. However, despite it's fictional size, the base is in reality not very big.


Due to the climate, the base is either usually has these types of weather.

A: Covered in Fog and Raining

B: Covered in Fog

C: Clouds and Raining


The defenses of Wickersfield Naval Yards consists of 7 multipurpose 406mm guns, 3 facing away from the sea, while 4 faces the sea, 4 heavy 530mm guns, multiple CIWSs on top of bunkers filled with machine guns and 155mm multipurpose guns. All along concrete trench with mines and dragon's tooth in front of the trench. Save the highway and high speed train tracks leading into the base.


Naval: The naval yards at Wickersfield Naval Yards are capable of holding 6 ships at any given time. It also has the capabilties of building three ships at a time. Naval warehouses line the docks for easy convince and resupplying. Making resupply a quick and painless task.

Air Support: Having 10 squadrons split into two airfields, air support for the Wickersfield Naval Yards, many designated surface to air launch sites and CIWS are at the disposal of the control tower, just in case.

Army: At any given time, there are two specially designated battalions. Wickersfield's Own, guard the defences and in base defence. Usually, guard duty inside the base is like a vacation, while guard duty outised of the base means maintaining all equipments, guns. mines, everything. They change duties every week.

Combat Status

During a battle, or attack, or raid. a supercomputer, non sentient, controls all electronically controlled arnaments, usualyy CIWS. It also guides missiles, find targets for the E.S.I. (Everything Sighted Interface, a very user friendly sighting program that can manually spot targets of have information of targets displayed), which are used in most artillery, radio transmission, as well as anti hacking duties. However, should it every become hacked or not used in ANF hands, it will self destruct.